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>> did most of the people there, were they hunkered down, prepared, ready for a storm coming their way? >> yes. most of the people here heard the warning. a lot of local residents told me because it hit mid afternoon, a lot of people were at work and weren't at their house. that was very fortunate because the house that didn't get hit, the people were not at home. most these structures that are heavily damaged are gone. many were not in their homes about 3:30, 3:00 in the afternoon. a tornado watch is in effect right now for parts of georgia and florida. several states already got slammed by a massive deadly storm. tornado reports are coming in from 11 states. more than 30 people are dead and national guard troops have been deployed to the hardest-hit states of kentucky, indiana and missouri. jacqui jeras is here with me in the weather center keeping a close watch on all of this.
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let's talk about what concentrated areas are kind of in the bull's-eye, so to speak right now. florida among them. >> north florida and southern parts of georgia. it's really this squall line we are looking at right here that has the most potential for producing tornadic storms. right now there are no tornado warnings that are in effect. some of those thunderstorms could produce wind damage in excess of 60 miles per hour. sometimes those real down burst winds can cause as much damage as a tornado. you still need to stay indoors. another place that we are watching that's included in this tornado threat is jacksonville, florida. there you can see a live picture from jacksonville at this time. it's extremely windy. that's why you see all that crazy shaking going on on the camera there. 86 degrees. it's a very warm, very moist, ripe atmosphere. as that cold front starts to come on down and move into the region, that's when we are going to start to see that severe weather threat increasing here in jacksonville. we are talking maybe another hour or two away before we start
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to see that squall line begin to push in. these thunderstorms with the energy and dynamics in the atmosphere with this, they could be holding together well after dark again tonight and through the evening, even maybe after you go to bed tonight as this line progresses southward. so that's something you need to keep in mind. remember those severe weather safety rules. the lowest level of your home, away from doors and windows. put the bike helmets on the kids, babies in if the car seats. don't feel embarrassed to do these things. it's your best bet to keep yourselves safe throughout these storms tonight. we are starting to clear out behind this system. improving conditions there. just an incredible severe weather event we have ongoing here, fredericka. today is a slight risk day. this is very different than the high risk we had yesterday. the tornados that may occur this afternoon and evening are going to be hard to see. they are very likely going to be wrapped in rain, which means it's in the middle of a rain shaft and you can't see through that to know the tornado is there.
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when the sirens go off, the noaa weather radio goes off, you need to seek shelter. >> and pay attention to the warnings versus the watches. >> absolutely. we've got new video, too. out of henryville, indiana. roll that. we'll take a look at it. this is some of the damage we've seen just coming in. i also think we've got damage of the actual funnel itself. look at that. that roam right there just leveled. the one next to it appears to be fine. we haven't seen a damage survey from the national weather service, but i don't think there is any question this is going to be at least an ef-3 or greater, a severe or major tornado. not every tornado we had yesterday was that powerful, that was certainly one of the strongest ones. of the 9 reports we had yesterday. >> there were some states hit by this storm and it's questionable whether it was tornadic activity or whether there were
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straight-line winds that could cause damage, sometimes looks similar to tornadic activity. >> it can. one of the things we look for has to do with what direction everything is falling through. whether tree bark has come off the trees. if pieces of metal are twisted, all those things. you have to get up in the air, too. they're in helicopters today looking at how long that path was, whether it was one tornado or maybe two that went through. it looks like there are probably two tornados that went through the henryville area. >> incredible. thank you so much, jacqui. we'll see you later on in the hour. our cnn crews are seeing the destruction first hand. jim spellman is in kentucky. jennifer is in georgia and josh levs is right here in atlanta with ireports. at least 17 of the more than 30 storm deaths were in kentucky where the governor declared an emergency. the national guard has been called in to help search for survivors. cnn's jim spellman joining us live from west liberty, kentucky, with an update on the
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situation there. what are those national guard troops encountering once they get there? >> take a look at this. this is the chapel of a funeral home right here on main street in west liberty, kentucky. you can see the storm came through yesterday. ripped this wall off. most of the roof off. you just see the pews here. this is minor damage compared to what we saw farther up main street. this hundred is on lockdown, search-and-rescue crews finish up their work. we did get a tour earlier to some exclusive access. this is west liberty, kentucky. hit hard pie friday night's tornados. this is the mobile command center they set up here. this town is on lockdown as they focus on search and rescue. here is why they need that command center. this until last night was the police department. this right here is a police car that was flipped on its side. you can see the destruction as
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this tornado tore through here friday night around 7:00. some buildings like this one completely leveled. you can see piles of brecks. you can see the spray paint from agencies searching, establishing there is nobody trapped in here. that's the focus right now is search-and-rescue here. it's painstaking work. they have to go from building to building and dig through all the crevices and voids. state police tell us with communications down, cell phone towers down, hard to establish cell phone connection or any kind of internet connection. it's hard to know who may be still stuck here. they have to just do these house by house, building by building searches. some of these buildings made it better. you can see windows blown out. others destroyed like we showed you. on the other side of the street, you'll see the courthouse. this was town center here on main street. it's really devastating that this tornado went right through
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the heart of this small town here in kentucky. the worst possible path for such a destructive storm. just a few minutes ago we were given an update by the emergency manager here. he tells us the search-and-rescue teams are almost done. they've gone through every building jobs. they are going back and double checking. they haven't foupd any more people trapped today. the bad news at least one person died right here in west liberty, four people in this county. >> very sad. thanks so much. most people felt powerless. one kentucky woman asked a higher authority to protect her from the storm. >> i said lord take it away from us, lord. >> that woman's prayer was answered. her home was spared. the town of west liberty, as you just saw, was hit hard.
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at least three people there died. the storm swept through georgia, as well, where there is confirmation of one death in the atlanta suburb northwest of atlanta in dallas, there was damage. thankfully, no serious injury. that's where we find jennifer mayerle. >> more than 100 homes with moderate to minor damage. the area where there's a lot of major damage is the neighborhood we are in right now called yorkville outside of dallas here. you can see blue tarps up there. people have ladders trying to fix some of the roofs. the house next door to me, most of that roof is off except over the garage. that's a lot of what we are seeing in this neighborhood. right over here, this used to be the garage of this home. you can see there's just articles from the home that completely blew out into the area. the garage is pretty much blown
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back into that tree line. those trees back there are completely snapped. most of them are just right over. as we look toward the house, this was a bedroom right here. a sign that's on that bedroom says, "moving sale." i am told -- >> sorry about that. we lost that signal with jennifer. some of the most compelling images of this storm system have come from amateur video and i-report josh levs has been monitoring the video coming. he is joining us live right now. >> we are going to start off with some, we look a look last hour. some of the most dramatic video of tornados i've seen in a long time. probably you, as well. i'm going to set this up showing you video from inside a gas station.
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>> he didn't know the tornados were going to be out there and went inside the first gas station. now he stepped outside. take a look at this next piece of video here. look at that monstrosity. so incredibly powerful. jacqui jeras was explaining. you can see the multiple vortices inside the funnel there. mike told us if he had been in the gas station across the street, he would not have survived. the gas station was ultimately leveled. reminds you of the randomness where these tornados can strike and leave alone. still what we are getting is this amateur video. we are also getting i-report videos from different parts of the country showing in some cases tornados, other cases the hail.
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take a look at this. this is is from ted briggs in nashville. he tells us he captured the worst of it. i want you to know we are not showing video from people who made active effort to go to danger to get video. he was at his house. i've been looking at images of the hail on the ground in several places. in some cases it's larger than what we are seeing than golf balls. we of have one new piece of video. it shows what the sky was like today. this is from donny gray jr. we've been following the weather in georgia and southern parts of georgia today.
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that's video. in some cases still pictures tell a story that's incredibly powerful, as well. i want to show you some of these. we can zoom in a little bit. in some cases we are using i-report photos. in some cases we are using photos from news agencies. take a look here. they are incredible. you see homes that are destroyed. livelihoods destroyed. roads impassable, schools that no longer exist. cars that have been smashed almost like toy cars. absolutely incredible. in some cases like this, this is a sign that says "home." where you are able to see inside is pure destruction. keep them coming to i-report. i'm on social media at facebook and twitter. we've got people who will be doing the same throughout the night. it's great to have people send us these images. i'm going to emphasize again, do not ever go to danger to take
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those pictures. if you took them safely, get them us to. >> good point. thank you, josh. through the devastation, there are many stories of close calls. an incredible luck survivors had making it through the powerhouse of a storm that tore indiana in particular. susan candiotti shows us what happened to one school bus lifted off its wheels. >> reporter: this bus is actually, i think we can walk, if we have a moment -- this bus is jack knifed from across the street into this diner. it came sheared off the chassis here coming around the side here. look. this is the chassis of the school bus. here is the gas tank showing here the opening to the gas tank. this had 11 school kid in it, but not when this happened. it just got through dropping them off across the street.
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just dropped off the kids because they knew they couldn't make it home. so they sought shelter there. the offices of that building, hunkered down, rode out the storm. no reports of any serious injuries among the remaining staff and 50, 60 or 0 students from the grade school and the high school that are right across the street. >> that happened yesterday. susan candiotti able to give us a look at that school bus 24 hours later. henryville high school and elementary school sheltered about 40 students from that storm. also from indiana, we get this amazing story of survival. rescuers found a 20-month-old baby girl in 2 a field after an outbreak of the tornados there she was alone and injured, but alive. she is at a hospital. a spokesman says the girl is in critical condition, but has been reunited with her family. the storm threat is still on for georgia and florida right now. we are watching it for you all
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among the places slammed by that monster of a storm, chattanooga, tennessee, hit with huge hail stones. some of those hail stones are as big as golf balls, they say. it is the same massive storm system that spawned deadly
1:18 pm
tornados over southern indiana and illinois yesterday. at least 29 people were hurt in tennessee. with reports of tornados touching down in nine counties, and this is a section of interstate 24 near chattanooga. last night motorists were stuck because of that storm. many didn't get out of that situation till this morning. the storm knocked down power lines that blocked the interstate. in henryville, indiana, a man and his friend went into the rubble of their destroyed home for one reason, to make sure their dogs were safe. >> this is trigger. >> they were part of the lucky ones as 14 people died in the state of indiana. retired lieutenant generous he'll honore from baton rouge. you led the response to hurricane katrina disaster in louisiana. help people understand, how does
1:19 pm
the national guard help when you have a situation like this, a major storm that wipes out so many communities, what is their first order of business? >> normally, it is to assist in the search and rescue, help open roads so first responders can get in and help provide medical assistance as required. the national guard units are localized force. as a matter of fact, we have an old saying in the army, the national guard troops in every area code, zip code in america. they are a local force and know the local people and know the first responders, so they can quickly start the work with the first responders. >> this was an incredible storm sweeping through so many states. tornadic activity reportedly in as many as 11 states. we know national guard troops have been deployed to some of the hardest-hit states of indiana, kentucky and missouri. the numbers are big. we are talking about 250 troops
1:20 pm
in indiana. kentucky, 220 troops. missouri 86 troops. the size of the deployment tells you what about the devastation? >> that it was significant in each one of those states. those states you mentioned, fred, they have between 8,000 and 10,000 national guardsmen assigned to each state. that capacity is relevant in those states so they can quickly respond to mobilize and assist the local citizens. this is by design. the national guard is paid for by the federal government. the state pay a small part of their salary. this is why this is organized so the home team, they quickly respond and we see them now doing everything from patrol to relieve the local police to make sure people are safe in their home, and to provide assistance in search and rescue and medical evacuation. >> how long would you see them as being stationed in any of those hard-hit cities?
1:21 pm
is it a matter of weeks or months? >> i would imagine matter of days. those local officials will quickly get control of this. this is the immediate response, but within a matter of days, those national guardsmen, you'll start seeing them pull back off and going to the normal work, lives, back to school. that it's great thing about the national guard. they can respond quickly, but they can stand down quickly and local officials can take control of the operations. >> you're a big proponent of weather radios. you gave me mine. thank you very much. we used it last night. what advice can you give to people who may be in the georgia or florida areas right now getting all kinds of weather warnings? those are areas not quite out of the woods just yet. >> i would say this. we have the biggest impact on lives at night when these storms, when there is a strong straight wind or a tornado.
1:22 pm
be prepared for night operations. have a flashlight. have a pair of shoes next to your bed. you might want to sleep in some of them type clothes you can run out quickly and get into your safe space inside of your home. rehearse this before you go to bed at night with everybody. take that weather radio and bring it to the bedroom with you. when you go to sleep, you lose your situational awareness. not every place have the weather sirens. this may be the only way to give you that 10 to 12 minute warning when you go to hurricane warning. >> the cool one you gave me has a little flashlight on it. if you lose power or battery you can crank it up. there are a variety of weather radios out there. you have a chance to go out and get one, you should. thank you very much, generous he'll honore. storm survivors share terrifying moments.
1:23 pm
>> i can see this shaking. i turned it around and held it. >> i literally saved our lives. he threw us us in there, paint tarps on us. >> being that table, i was sitting next to it and watching tv. it come on the tv and said get in the basement now. we thought we were dead. >> unbelievable. this storm is still a threat. we are watching it for you. we'll be checking again with meteorologist jacqui jeras. first, tomorrow on the next list, dr. sanjay gupta profiles innovators from all walks of life like dan ogala. he believes one important key to a nation's productivity is creating a strong community. in kenya, he has created a support system and place to exchange ideas. >> i founded community support
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uncertainty in the economy has forced many people to change careers or consider it. making the wrong move can be a big mistake. every week we focus on ways to get a jump-start in the work force. valorie burton, author of "successful women think differently" joining us right now. there are few things you need to ask yourself before you make a move, whether it's because of the economy, maybe you just don't like your job or you want to try something new. you say begin with the question to yourself, do i really want a whole new career or just a new situation? >> yeah. people get frustrated sometimes
1:28 pm
with their job or with their boss or with their whole situation and they think, i need a whole new career. it's important to get clear, are you looking for a new career or things that need tweaking? it may just be a new job or a different department within the company where you already are. you want to be clear why you're changing careers. it's a major commitment. >> you almost need to start a pro and con list. >> exactly right. >> then ask, what am i missing in my current career i want in a new one? >> yes. why are you changing? what do you think you're going to get as a result of changing? what's missing right now? that will help determine what type of career you can look for. you can begin to create a checklist. i'm missing this here but i can get it in this particular career. that's important. a lot of times people are not that strategic. >> do research. >> absolutely. >> find out if if it is in that other thing. what do i have in my current career i might have to give up if i venture out? >> the grass is always greener.
1:29 pm
>> not om what am i going to get, but what you will lose. >> you still have to water that grass, too. it's important to really understand. what am i going to give up? there are good things you might have. you are might not like your job but maybe there is flexibility or a boss that gives you leeway to try new things. be clear about those things going really well. if you give those up and you end up losing them in the next career, you may regret it. >> do i have the real scoop on that new career? >> we can easily idealize what it's going to be if we make a big transition. one of the only ways to know is talk to people who are already where it is you're wanting to go. i say make a list. >> you have to do that delicately. >> you don't want to advertise. it's important if you've got friends or colleagues that can refer you to people and talk to them in a whisper. you want to ask them, what do they think? look at my plans. do you think this makes sense? are my expectations realistic?
1:30 pm
you don't want to have to go back to school, go through all the work of transitioning to find out you were wrong. >> can i leverage my current experience so i am not starting from scratch? >> that is a big one if there is any way you can take experience you already have and it might be a completely different career field, but maybe your management skills will translate. maybe you have communication skills that will translate. another good way is to talk to people who know. if you can't figure out what those skills are, start talking to a career coach, a career counselor. >> good food for thought. sometimes people want to take a knee-jerk reaction or response to what they are feeling, what they're imagining might be grass greener on the other side. >> if it's something you're passionate about and you feel like this is where i'm supposed to go, start making the plans.
1:31 pm
just be strategic about it. >> valorie burton, thank you very much. always telling us to plan, plan, plan. returning to our big story today, that huge storm system that caused damage in 15 states. right now search and rescue crews are looking for survivors. [ male announcer ] if you were building the perfect laptop you'd chose an intel core i7 processor for maximum processing power. you'd use carbon fiber and machined aluminum, to make it more beautiful and more durable. you'd even use edge-to-edge gorilla glass for a stunning display in a more compact form. everything that you would ever want in a laptop. introducing the dell xps 13 ultrabook. everything. and more. ♪
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we've got eyes on the aftermath of the killer storm in the midwest. more dangerous weather, possible tornados happening right now. we are live from the cnn weather center in just a moment. people in the small town of chardon, ohio, are mourning the death of 16-year-old daniel parmertor, one of the kids killed at the high school. his funeral was today. he is one of three teenagers shot to death monday when witnesses say another teenager opened fire at his school. in syria, the body of american reporter marie colvin who was killed in the conflict there may soon return to the united states. her remains were handed over today to diplomats representing u.s. interest in syria. colvin and a french photographer were killed last week in a rocket attack on the city of homs. back now to the weather sweeping a good part of the united states.
1:35 pm
we were talking about 11 states impacted by tornadic activity. jacqui jeras with is now. more potential activity on the way. >> there is a lot of severe weather out there across southern georgia, northern florida. this is jacksonville, florida. live picture from wjxt. that is something we'll watch as the actual thunderstorms begin to move in. we have a tornado watch in effect here. conditions are favorable for tornados to occur. it's this line we've been watching the last couple of hours that has a history of producing severe thunderstorms. i think wind damage will be more widespread. we have seen some rotators within that line. there have been some touchdowns, about ten reports in south georgia and north florida. we'll zoom in closer and show you the area we are talking about and put the warnings on top of it here four. we don't see any of those purple
1:36 pm
or orange boxes at that time. that's good news to see that. i'm suspicious of what's going down here. we've got new video out of henryville, indiana, where some of the worst damage has been caused. we'll take a look at that video and walk you through it. this is video of the actual funnel itself. there you can see the wall cloud of that low-hanging area and the funnel that extends out beneath it. looks like at this stage this video was caught it wasn't terribly intense. based on the damage we've seen, we know this tornado got much larger and much stronger when it moved through the town. we also have new pictures in from tennessee. that's just outside the chattanooga area. you can see some of the damage caused by this. you mentioned those 11 states,
1:37 pm
this was a widespread event. this is the convective outlook. on a big tornado day, meteorologists show you a map like this. we'll say this is the big bull's-eye, this is where we think the worst of that severe weather will be. that was the high risk issued. this will take you through time and show you all the tornados that popped up through here. those were all the reports. 98 of thome. if you include the wind and hail damage reports we get 15 states. the forecast very good here from the national weather service. unfortunately we had a lot of damage. one big storm that moved through impacting all these millions of people. >> incredible. 17 million, i think, was the latest number i heard. jacqui jeras, thanks so much. in an instant, the tornados destroyed homes, turned lives upside down. here is what living through a tornado is like in one survivor's own words.
1:38 pm
>> everywhere you look a bus into a building, a mobile home fleetly flattened. everything was beating around her heads. >> i looked up and was talking to my daughter across the street. i looked up and i seen debris everywhere. next thing i knew, i thought it was a dream. >> there's gas leaks. houses are completely demolished back there. completely, to the ground. >> building shook. lights went off the noise was incredible. passed right in front of us. >> golf ball-size hail.
1:39 pm
>> it was just like you were on a weighing scale this way and it just kept going like this. the next thing i know, i'm pushing tables, refrigerators, freezers, whatever i had on me off me. >> it seemed like my house was just lifted up and just dropped. the roof fell in and the glass was every place. while i was under the table i said, lord, make this pass. and he did. >> and now in the bull's-eye, at least two states, florida and fwa. still part of that system. let's talk politics. super tuesday around the corner. today washington state voters are taking part in caucuses. ron paul is the only candidate still there. when i grow up,
1:40 pm
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the republican presidential candidates are pushing toward super tuesday hoping to build momentum. washington is holding its caucuses right now, washington state. ron paul is the only one working
1:43 pm
that state. the other three moved on to ohio. one of ten states where voters weigh in on super tuesday. cnn's joe johns is in ohio in bowling green. rick santorum may have a bit of a problem after all there, what's going on? >> reporter: yeah. i think you're right, fred. there is more than one problem, if you think about it. the first problem he has is that he had a strong lead and romney has been able to narrow that within the margin of error. a statistical tie in terms of polling here in the state of ohio. that's one reason why we are looking at advantage romney here. the other reason, of course, is that santorum had a bit of an administrative problem not able to get on the ballot in three congressional districts and could come up short some 16, 18 delegates in a worst-case scenario. if you look across the country,
1:44 pm
it's a different story. it looks like a little something for everybody. in the state of tennessee, for example, santorum is running pretty strong there. in the state of georgia, which is the state newt gingrich represented in the congress for so many years, newt gingrich is actually running very strong. a little bit of this, a little bit of that as we head into super tuesday. who knows what's going to happen? >> what about mitt romney spending time in ohio? is he starting to feel more confident now there? >> reporter: it's very close. mitt romney is spending some time here down in cincinnati today. we are in bowling green, as you said. that's where we expect to see rick santorum for dinner here. it's sort of head-to-head. that's the way it's been for the past couple of days. everybody realizes the importance of the state of ohio. not only is it a player this year in the primary contest,
1:45 pm
it's also a huge player in the general election contest. that, of course, is because it's one of the key battleground states. florida being another, pennsylvania being another. ohio is very, very big and they know that. >> they sure do. thanks so much, joe johns. a programming note. both newt gingrich and ron paul will be on cnn's "state of the union" tomorrow morning. join me every sunday afternoon at 4:00 eastern time for a special hour dedicated to the presidential contenders in the 20 2012 election. march 6th, 12:00 eastern time, wolf blitzer and cnn's political team will host the election round table, a live inside chat about the day's implications for the presidential race. go to table.
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much more at the cnn newsroom straight ahead. we are still talking about a lot of big storms. don lemons coming up. you were in illinois where this system began but kept picking up momentum. >> and it's still going. unbelievable, isn't it? millions of people who have been affected by this. we'll be talking about that straight ahead. also, another big story we are also going to follow. what makes something beautiful
1:49 pm
to one person and not another is something that's been studied over and over again. the research seems to point to specific brain patterns regardless of upbringing and culture. you no doubt heard the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." it could also be in the hand of the rich. that's another nugget we'll break down. >> okay. i will be interested to hear what that's all about. >> $1 million, speaking of the rich. we'll explain that at 5:00. then rush limbaugh. we'll be talking about that. need we say more. >> some calling republicans to condemn him on a united front. that hasn't necessarily happened. he is not backing down. >> it's certainly a debate over women's rights everyone has been talking about and contraception. it got more heated this week
1:50 pm
with rush limbaugh. he is stoking the fire. he used nasty lang wamg to describe a co-ed. we'll talk more about that. many people wonder what he was thinking. his words. his words. >> right. we'll be watching. thanks so much. of course, we'll continue to watch the storm, the threat of that storm system all day, all night. homes and businesses destroyed in 11 states. families have been left homeless after so many tornados ripped through the midwest and parts of the south. we'll hear from a stormchaser who saw that power of the twisters up close and personal.
1:51 pm
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troops are on the ground in three states that were slammed by storms and tornados, including indiana. at least 14 people died there. earlier today i talked to stormchaser jeff portrowsky. >> reporter: most people here
1:54 pm
heard the warning. a lot of people were at work and weren't at their house chls. most structures heavily damaged are gone. most residents were not in their homes when the tornado hit. >> as we look at these images here, looks like virtually every house is wiped out. some houses like the one we are looking at right now seem to suffer less damage than others in your panning there that were wiped out completely. how wide was the swath of destruction there? was it one twister? >> reporter: it's about 200 yards wide on the south east side in mayorsville. the damage is worse between marysville. in between the two cities, this eight, ten mile road, the damage
1:55 pm
is worse west/southwest in marysville. there's a lot of homes destroyed between the two communities. the actual damage was worse southwest of here. we saw brick homes totally gone. a lot of homes west of here 100% gone. >> this is a mostly farm community? >> reporter: that's correct. >> all right. jeff, thanks so much for that view of marysville, indiana, devastated. we can see from the live stream imagery jeff is able to convey to us while talking. hard hit yesterday from that monster storm. that storm keeps churning. this time it is threatening other parts of georgia and florida. jacqui jeras with us now. >> it's never-ending. >> it's a smaller area. it is going to end. finally, we should be done with this even later on tonight.
1:56 pm
the line of severe storms has been weakening here. still a threat though. we don't want you to let down your guard. this tornado watch is in effect until 8:00 local time. it includes you just south of tallahassee. includes this whole area along i-10. i-75, i-95, jacksonville, florida. all these areas, all these cities could be impacted by severe storms, isolated tornados. they are going to be much less frequency in terms of storms today. we may see wind daniel from these storms. this is the main line we are going to tip to watch. there aren't any warnings out there right now. a warning is when we tell you it's happening right now, take cover. it's just a watch. conditions are favorable. it could be happening. you need to stay on high alert. here is a live camera, live picture we have to show you out of jacksonville, florida. there have been very strong winds in the area. there have been a couple of
1:57 pm
wildfires that developed into northern parts of florida. the wind ahead of this front are so very, very strong. the thunderstorms still on their way. today there have been ten reports of tornados so far, which is very minimal compared to yesterday's reports. yesterday, 98 tornado reports. 259 wind damage reports, 435 large hail reports bringing that massive total up to 792. an incredible outbreak of a day. march roaring in like a lion. let's hope we'll be ending like a lamb. this does not reflect on what the rest of the severe weather season is going to hold. >> let's hope not. jacqui jeras, thanks so much. appreciate that. that will do it for me. i'm fredricka whitfield. much more straight ahead with don lemons. -- captions by vitac -- there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check.
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